Tempest City Revisited

Cloud formations over San Francisco.

I’ve recently been engaged in the process of sorting through my earlier photographs and preparing higher resolution versions of them. While reexaminging the files that made up the original version of this photograph, I discovered that I’d shot an additional section on the left of this panorama that I’d neglected to use in the original upload of this photo. I figured it might be interesting to put a complete version of the picture together as I’d originally shot it.

Usually when I completely recreate a photograph like this, it’s because I find something wrong with the version I’d previously edited. That isn’t the case here, so I decided to at least approach the remake from a different process. My original version was a panorama made up of two 7-exposure tonemapped HDR files; this time I didn’t bother with HDR, opting instead to work with the RAW files natively before merging them into the panorama. The previous version of this photograph had an almost desaturated color profile; this time I wanted the colors of the sky to show through more strongly.

In the end, I like both versions of this picture. They’re different - perhaps subtly so, but at least different enough to justify their existence.

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